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The Cliff Railway and the Caves
Cross the street and bear right onto Underhill Street, stopping at the Cliff Railway.

The Cliff Railway, Bridgnorth

This is also called an incline railway. Its construction was started in 1891 and was a bit tricky because of the large number of caves and the very steep incline of 33 degrees. At the time it was the steepest in England (the rise is 111 feet and the track 201 feet long) and was originally operated by counter-weighted water ballast.

The railway served the town until 1933 when it was closed down, but because of its contribution to the town it was re-opened in 1934 with new investors believing in it’s worth. In 1944 it was converted to electric operation. It holds the prestige now for being the oldest and steepest in England with the shortest incline, an engineering marvel at the time and now the only one remaining of its type

The Cliff Railway, Bridgnorth

Alongside the lower station you will see Stoneway Steps. As mentioned earlier this was the route for horses and donkeys before alternate routes were developed. Part way up the steps is the Theatre on the Steps. This building is supposed to have not only a ghost, but also paranormal smells and voices.

Back on Underhill Street follow the pavement a little further along and you will come upon Lavington’s Hole, a series of sandstone caves and tunnels. The tunnels were made during King Charles I Reign. The town was under siege in 1646, during the Civil War and a Colonel Lavington had forces dig tunnels towards the church, where St. Mary’s stands and where Royalist explosives were stored. He intended to blow up the church, but the event never took place, after excavating a tunnel 70 feet long, the castle surrendered and the digging stopped.

The Caves, Bridgnorth

Just past Lavington’s Hole is another set of steps, Library Steps which would take you up to the Castle Walk, however they are quite steep and the more recommended options would be return back up The Cartway, use the Cliff Railway or Stoneway Steps to the High Street.

If you have walked the entire walk you deserve a good sit down and refreshment and there’s plenty of places to sample the fayre once you reach the top!


Bridgnorth Walk

1. Northgate
2. St Leonards
3. The Old Town Hall
4. The High Street
5. Waterloo Terrace
6. Bridgnorth Castle
7. Cartway
8. The Bridge
9. Cliff Railway
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