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The Bridge
At the junction bear left and you can walk across the bridge. Look to your left and you will see a water level marker to gauge the depth when the river is in flood.

The Bridge, Bridgnorth

You will also see the iron edging to support the river banks when the barges passed under the bridge. The first coal barge at the waterfront was in 1570. In 1756 Bridgnorth port had some 75 trows and barges on the river, which will give you an idea of how busy this area was.

This bridge was rebuilt in 1823 with a Thomas Telford design. He was kept busy in Bridgnorth since as we mentioned earlier he also rebuilt St. Mary’s church! Originally, the barges were drawn by men, then in 1799 a towpath for horses replaced man power. In 1868 the last trow was built in the boat yard in Bridgnorth and it was in 1895 that the town’s role as a port came to an end and the last barge hit the bridge and sank (Not that long after in 1898 Bridgnorth got it’s first telephones, sounds so long ago doesn’t it?)

Proceed to the clock tower where you can read a plaque commemorating the work of Richard Trevithick, inventor of the steam engine and John Rastrick, railway engineer who built Trevithick’s first passenger locomotive engine at the nearby Hazeldine Foundry.

The Bridge, Bridgnorth

At this point if you want to walk along the river, there are steps both right and left, or you can explore the small selection of shops, pubs and eateries.

Return back across the bridge, where you will have a view of the old quay on the left and a view of a fine example of pre-billboard advertising on the right! The entire side of the building is advertising Ridley Ltd. seed merchant’s which still exists in Bridgnorth’s livestock market today.

You will also get good views of the church towers, Bishop Percy’s house and the rooftops of Low Town.


Bridgnorth Walk

1. Northgate
2. St Leonards
3. The Old Town Hall
4. The High Street
5. Waterloo Terrace
6. Bridgnorth Castle
7. Cartway
8. The Bridge
9. Cliff Railway
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