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St Mary's Church and Bridgnorth Castle
The residences on East Castle Street are all lovely and as you walk past them you are facing St Mary’s Church.

Just before the church on the left is Governor’s House (1633) which was a residence of the castle governor. King Charles visited here when it was Shropshire’s Royalists’ Headquarter’s in 1642, 1645.

St Marys Church, Bridgnorth

St. Mary’s Church is an active parish church of completely different design from St. Leonards. There has been a church here since the 11th century, but it the current building was rebuilt by Thomas Telford in 1794.

Facing the church, on the left there is a bench for you to sit and enjoy scenic views of the river, countryside and Low Town. Visit the church which has lots of information available and usually a warden to answer questions.

When leaving, turn left past the grave stones into the Castle grounds.

The Castle, Bridgnorth

You will immediately be struck by the degree that the tower is leaning, yet continues to stand despite the great weight of this Norman castle which at one time covered the whole cliff side and housed hundreds of people. The castle was blown up and left as standing in 1646 by Cromwell’s forces.

To the right of the castle is a new garden with a memorial with a statue of Sabrina, the Goddess of the River Severn, looking up river. Walk amongst the gardens and enjoy the planting.

On your right further along you will see a war memorial in memory to those who fell in The Great War 1914-1919 and the war of 1939-1945. Sit here on the bench and you can watch the Severn Valley Railway steam engines leave and arrive on their journey to Kidderminster.

Behind the railway is Panpudding Hill - an old earthworks.

View from Castle Hill Walk, Bridgnorth

The gate at the far end of the garden has a few steps to negotiate, so if you are disabled or have a pushchair, it is best to return back to East Castle Street (the way you entered the grounds), proceed to the T-junction and turn right to go back up High Street.

Otherwise go through the gate and bear left and walk along Castle Hill Walk past the Cliff Railway on to to The Cartway. Here you can enjoy that breathtaking view that Charles I is reputed to have said “is the finest in my domain”.


Bridgnorth Walk

1. Northgate
2. St Leonards
3. The Old Town Hall
4. The High Street
5. Waterloo Terrace
6. Bridgnorth Castle
7. Cartway
8. The Bridge
9. Cliff Railway
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