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The High Street
Until 1904 the High Street was cobbled, which would have made walking much more difficult than it is today!

Bridgnorth High Street

As you make your way along watch out for the features we have listed below.

On the left of the High Street:

Café Express used to be a butcher and the remnants of the shop still exist. To the right of the door you will see the pull out bracket which they used for the scales to weigh the meats and just inside the alley next door there are still hooks on the walls for hanging the meats.

Bridgnorth High Street

The Swan is a very old inn (1580) and originally named The Talbot which carries the Earl of Stafford’s emblem. It is reputed that when the railway tunnel was in use that the glasses and tableware would rattle as the train passed underneath.

Beaman’s Butcher Shop (established 1890) has had the same shop front since it opened. It is always an eye catcher with the meat on display and seasonal specialtities drawing attention to the fine presentation.

On the right side of the High Street

The Nat. West building is a lovely sandstone building with gargoyle down spouts, a man carved as a centre support, 3 sandstone gargoyles and the main signboard has the Northgate on the top.

The Clinton card shop has two nice carved lions on each end of the first floor.

Market on Bridgnorth High Street

A bit further along is a carpet shop who’s upstairs windows are said to have been made from crown glass (18th century).

Alongside the Town Hall is a Boot’s Chemist, again look up and you will find windows that no one can see out of - they are painted black and white and were placed there when the window tax was in effect. There is also an ornate down spout.

When you reach the Tanner’s wine shop look up and you will find some very old Tudor carved figures under the balconies in various sorts of poses. The most provocative is that of a woman with her skirt hiked above her knee! These figures were thought to have been on an earlier building in Bridgnorth, but were found in a merchant’s yard and brought back to adorn this building.


Bridgnorth Walk

1. Northgate
2. St Leonards
3. The Old Town Hall
4. The High Street
5. Waterloo Terrace
6. Bridgnorth Castle
7. Cartway
8. The Bridge
9. Cliff Railway
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