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If you stand at Northgate and face north you look through the gates towards a road leading to Broseley

The Northgate, Bridgnorth

Walk through the pedestrian arches of the gate on the left, look down at the bottom of the wall for a round ring on either side of the wall. There are 6 in total on each wall and it is said that during the Second World War townspeople strung barbed wired through these rings with a notice saying “ Germans Keep Out”.

Just to the left is a black and white building called the Tudor Tearooms. Note the four carved support eagles on the posts and the pretty alleyway down the side.

Cross the street and walk through the other pedestrian arch, you will find a flight of stairs that take you to the North Gate Museum. From the top of these sandstone steps you get an overview of the town towards the Town Hall. If you are unable to climb the steps, stand in front of the building made of local red sandstone and in the centre you will see the town seal of Bridgnorth.

Northgate Museum

Because the sandstone wears away quite rapidly if you were to see old photos, you might see that the gate had different tower designs and many times it has been patched, rebuilt with brickwork and then refaced to help restore and support it.

The wall bears a plaque telling of a fire that nearly destroyed the whole town in 1646, but we shall let you read the story yourself and imagine the carnage.

Turn around and head south on High Street. As you pass The Golden Lion Inn look near the building and you will see the remains of a horse mounting block. When you reach Bailey’s Wine Bar, a black and white timber frame building, with Lloyds Bank on the corner opposite and Whitburn Street, you will have reached Church Street. Bear left and walk towards the Church which looks down at you.


Bridgnorth Walk

1. Northgate
2. St Leonards
3. The Old Town Hall
4. The High Street
5. Waterloo Terrace
6. Bridgnorth Castle
7. Cartway
8. The Bridge
9. Cliff Railway
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